SwissGear International Travel Adapter Plug with USB 2-Port Charger – Set of 2 Adapters, Black, One Size

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Plug in around the world. Our travel plug adapter is the only outlet converter you need to pack the next time you travel outside the U.S. It’s an all-in-one device that fits electrical outlets in the most commonly visited countries around the world. So, no matter where you travel you’ll have a standard U.S. outlet, just like at home. Use your favorite appliances and electronics when you travel. International travel can make you feel like you’re separated from the world you’re used to. Our travel power adapter makes it easy to use the same small appliances and electronics you use at home, even though you’re far away. Maybe it’s maintaining your morning ritual with your favorite hair dryer. Maybe it’s easily powering your laptop and not having to rely solely on the battery. No matter which small comforts of home you want to bring around the globe, our international travel adapter will ensure they have the power they need to make you feel more comfortable and connected. Power your USB devices just like you do at home. The included 2-port USB charger plugs right into the travel adapter converter plug, so you can charge your small devices with the same cables you use at home. Cell phones, cameras, MP3 players… no matter which USB-powered devices you travel with, we’ll help you keep them fully charged and ready to go. About SwissGear From the maker of the genuine Swiss Army Knife, SwissGear represents the best in travel accessories for people on the move. Our products make it easier and more comfortable to take what you need with you everywhere you go. So, no matter where life’s adventures take you, always go with SwissGear.All-in-one power adaptor fits electric outlets in most commonly visited countries.