Electronic Accessories Bag for Universal Cable USB Waterproof Nylon Travel Digital Product Organizer Case for Hard Drive Charger Handbag Small Blue

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Mobile phone, universal cable, power bank, USB…How do you storage them?
Do you have these troubles?
Data line placed orderless that you are difficult to find the one you want?
Can not find the power bank?
Digital electronic products easily broken?

When we are going to travel, how many things do we need to bring?
If we bring too much, it will be burden;
if we bring too less, may be not enough to use.

However, just in case, we still chose to bring more thing.

At this time, our travel organizer carrying case can meet your requirements:
There are some small mesh pockets that can be accommodated USB and card reader.
High elastic ring can fix data line to avoid them winding together.
Big mesh bag with zipper can be used for storage power bank.
Humanized design, distinctive layout, everything has it own position.
The digital storage made of wonderful material, long-Lifetime & Anti-Wrinkle, waterproof ( The zip and suture of the bag are not waterproof).

Material: Nylon fabric
Applicable: Mobile phone, Hard disk, Power supply, Electronic data lines, USB, Earphone, charger…

This electronics accessories bag is not just for the buyer to provide bag, but also for digital products to find a home.
Hurry up finding a home for your electronic accessories click ADD TO CART!【High-quality material】The electronics accessories bags are made of waterproof and durable nylon fabric, it is not easy to tear