15 Pack Transparent Travel Liquid Container Accessories Bottles for Makeup, Cosmetics, Aromatherapy Oils, Toiletries, With Transparent Travel Bag

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A useful and effective solution to perfume, fragrance and oil storage for aircraft travel or as a simple travel bottle set with transparent storage bag. This set of small travel bottles are an FSA-safe storage solution for shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, lotions, creams and more! These minimalistic bottles are lightweight and leak proof. Just the thing for keeping homemade oils or perfumes safe from any potential spillage while traveling or on the move. Dimensions: 1 x 2.53fl oz Pump bottle; 1x 2.53fl oz Flip-cap bottle; 1 x 1.69fl oz Flip-cap bottle; 1 x 1.69fl oz Spray bottle; 1 x 1.01fl oz Lotion pump bottle; 1 x 0.27fl oz Perfume spray bottle; 1 x 0.5fl oz Ball cap bottle; 1 x 1.35fl oz Cleanser lotion bottle; 1 x 1.01fl oz Cleanser lotion bottle; 1 x 0.18oz cream jar; 1 x 0.35oz cream jar; 1 x Pipette; 1 x Funnel; 1 x Mini Spatula; 1 x Zipper PVC PouchORGANIZED & LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVELING: Avoid the hassle of lugging around large bottles on your next vacation or business trip by using our convenient 15 pack travel bottles set which offers a variety of see-through containers that are perfect for all of your personal toiletries.